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Each month we will be featuring another small business to support and help build and grow their passion:

This month we are Featuring:


Chelsie Bowden 425-765-7976

Background: Chelsie grew up having an interest in natural medicine for people and pets. She knew she would like a career in healing. She has a BS in Animal Science from Washington State University. Continuing her education, She graduated from the Bryman School in Arizona with a 4.0 in massage therapy.Chelsie is also certified by the Northwest School of Animal Massage. She began her own practice in 2007.

What sets Chelsie apart: She was born legally blind and began learning Braille in kindergarten. Consequently, she has been developing her sense of touch for most of her life. This skill translates to her massage technique being gentle, specific and effective. Clients have continually commented that Chelsie finds knots that no other therapist has found. When she finds a knot, Chelsie can feel how deep the muscle will allow her to go, so she doesn’t  cause discomfort during the session or the day after.

Specialty: Chelsie has experience also with Horses and Dogs. Their physical needs can be helped by massage therapy. For more information, please call.

                                                                                                                                                         Thank you for your support.

I look forward to meeting you for a massage!!!

located in Woodinville or you can go to my website:


  • Testimonial

    Your services were top-notch and I didn't worry at all that you'd take care of everything perfectly.l Will certainly recommend you to any of my friends who become engaged. Thank you again & god bless- Leslie